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Turtwig Collection!

Last Updated: 12/27/12


...And then I realised that I forgot to add in my three big Turtwig Pillow Plush. ;A; BUT I JUST PUT ALL THESE TURTWIGS AWAY. A PICTURE RETAKE WOULD BE SO MUCH MORE EFFORT. BAH.


My 1:1 Turtwigs name is Wash. Since he traveled to me via airmail, this makes him a leaf on the wind. And nobody's going to get this reference


..Looking at that group of Turtwig Kids, and knowing I don't have the shiny one.. It hurts man. Feels bad. :C





Love my Turtwig mouse. ;w; Pay no attention however to my bootleg mousepad..

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Your best piece IMO is the Turtwig mac n cheese. XD
Haha no but seriously, you have a really great collection of this guy! I need to get a Kids ifgure of him, they are so freaking cute ;3;

The Turtwig Mac and Cheese piece is in fact the rarest of all the Pokemon mac and cheese noodles. I had to search three boxes for it, true story. (Okay, that's not really a true story at all.)

Yeah I love the Turtwig kids. ;u; I'm glad they made a few different kinds instead of just one. I hope one day I get to nab a shiny one.

Turtwig is my favorite grass starter! What a cute collection!

so many cute 'twigs!
i totally ripped the turtwig figure off the stylus because i was lacking a proper turtwig figure... *cough* X3
also for your jakks roller electronic one, does yours have a battery? i always wondered what it does XD i didnt wanna spend $3-5 on a battery to find out XD;;;
turtwig mouse is adorable OMGGGGG *wants a chimchar one now*

*Gasp* Oh no styluswig! D: ...Well, I guess at least he's able to run free now. xD Sorta..

As I recall he pretty much just goes back and forward based on how you control him with the Pokeball remote. Like a toy remote controlled car only with a bit less direction control because there's no real right or left buttons. c:

They did make Chimchar and Piplup ones too as well as matching mouse pads to go with them! ...But I never see them around anymore. D: Which is a bummer cause I still need Turtwig mouse pad. ;n;

ohhh i had no idea there was a remote for it XD!
aww sad ;o; i mean i dont use mouse/mouse pads (just use my tablet) BUT FF want XD

run freee lil turtleeeeee X]

That Lapras is one of the cutest things I've ever seen, omfg. And the little Turtwig that comes with it is just darling. ;3;

Makes me happy to see so many Turtles <3

;o; That mouse is so cute! I wish I'd own one of those!

YES TURTLE OMFFFFFFFG! YES!!! Looks grand!! I have more plush in my collection but a lot less variety in figures. You don't have the zukan?

Awh man, I'd love to see the Turtwig plush you have~

Sadly I don't have the zukan as of yet. ;n; I'm new to the community so I only found out about them a little while ago..

Oh the zukan are really fun. They almost always a 1/40 scale and have a little pedestal. Some are easier to get than others. :) Good luck!

This is my Turwig plush from a while ago, I haven't made an update since then. But I have more!

These are my Blastoise

Ummmm, LJ is having some issues displaying images so if you can't see them just stop by late :)

They are so adorable. Turtwig is my favourite starter by miles. For about a year I collected him too. <3 dem wittle turtles!


Wash is the perfect name for him, I hope he has a set of dino toys to play with. x3

Lovely Turt' collection! The pokedolls are just so precious. <3

Do you use your Turtwig mouse? How well does it work? I've seen a Chimchar one and my mouse needs to be replaced soon so I was wondering if it was worth it to get it. c:

Edited at 2012-12-29 08:32 pm (UTC)

YYEEEEESSSSS~! xD So excited someone got it so quickly~ Maybe one day I'll have him learn to juggle geese. x3

The quality of the mouse is actually pretty amazing. I've been using it since at least 2009 and it still works great, and as you can see from the picture the image on it hasn't even faded at all! (Well, save for a tiny bit of two leaves on the buttons. But even so that's holding up quite well!) It could also be said that before I got a proper computer desk that I've dropped this thing countless of times and it's still going. It is a fantastic mouse and I'd highly recommend it! C=

Wash's previous name was Twiggy. XD

Sorry for not replying to you about that, I actually have a couple of really silly photos to give you from when he had to travel across country with me. He was so big and I wouldn't let him sit in the luggage rack, so he had his own train tickets and seat. :3

EDIT: Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

Edited at 2012-12-29 08:57 pm (UTC)

I can incorporate that. He can be Twiggan Wash. c: GOSH I'M SO EXCITED BY THE UNDERSTANDING OF THIS REFERENCE.

Also that's amazing. xD I'm excited as heck to see those pictures!

Awesome collection!!! I have a big talking Turtwig and a small plush of him >w< He's pretty cute! Have fun collecting!

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