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Non-Pokemon Sales!


  • I ship from NY, USA

  • I accept Paypal only, no echecks.

  • I accept trades/ partial trades if it's anything on my wants list.

  • I will ship things out as fast as I can but I can't always get to it daily. Mondays and Thursdays are my usual shipping days.

  • If you would like an item shipped faster, with extra protection, or with tracking and/or insurance please let me know BEFORE you send payment.

  • Once an item is handed over to the post office I am not to be held responsible for lost or damaged goods.

Folklore for PS3, works. -$13

Cardcaptor Sakura Manga Volume 1 -$7

Cardcaptor Sakura Manga Volume 2 -$7

Cardcaptor Sakura Manga Volume 5 (Slight bend on cover but no crease. Would easily fix itself after some time on a bookshelf) -$5

Pocket Neopet Aisha (Some paint rubs on cover lettering, but otherwise good working condition) -$7

Build-A-Bear dress shoes, never used- $4

Sailor Mercury plush, with hang and tush tag (It's seen better days, but is in overall fair condition.) -$2

Neopet Gelert plush CD case, new with tag. -$4

Henna Tattoo kit. New. -$8

Large Heeleys wheels and tool. Very lightly used. - $5

Vinylmation 'Ice Cream' Mickey. -$6

Clear Ipod nano protection case. -$3

Everything $7 OBO

*All are in new condition with tag excluding Meerca who only lacks his tag.

SOLD: Speckled Shoyru, White Ashia

Everything $6 OBO

GONE: Royal Boy Uni

Everyhting $7 OBO

*None have hang tags.

SOLD: Spotted Cybunny

Evrything $5 OBO

SOLD: Shadow Shoyru

Shirts, all girls cut. Top two fit like a large, bottom left fits like a small, bottom right is a medium. -$4 OBO

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(Deleted comment)
That would be $30 shipped. If that's okay then send payment to tracytheechidna@gmail.com =)

(Deleted comment)
Could I please have a quote to 63089 for:
-All 6 Royal Neopets
-Camouflage Kougra
-Shadow Shoyru without the tag

(This isn't a for sure commitment! ; u ; )

Could I ALSO get a quote for:
-JUST the 2 Royal Unis
-Camouflage Kougra
-Shadow Shoyru without the tag

Thank you in advance! C:

Does the pocket Aisha have the Aisha figure with it?

Okay, Im gonna ask for four quotes here...

Do you think I could get a quote for:
-everything Gelert

and as a different quote:
-Both the royal gelerts

okay and another different quote:
-Just the spotted gelert case

final quote:
-baby gelert

Yea sure but... where to? xD

Could I ask how big the Meerca is, and what he would cost to the UK?

The plushie Meerca is 13 inches including tail and 7 inches without. He would be $23 shipped to the UK. If that's okay than you can send payment to tracytheechidna@gmail.com

Quote to Peru for baby geleter?

The total would be $15.60 if that's okay then you can send payment to tracytheechidna@gmail.com

ill take the royalboy Uni if hes still there! Medieval allicorn. YES PLEASE

As bad as I feel about separating him from the Royalgirl Uni, yes he is still available! xD Where to?

I'm commenting because you told me too lol.

To your question regarding the Shadow Shoryu, I just need to know your location (country, or zip code if USA) and then I can give you a quote with how much the plush would cost with shipping to you. c:

I love it thanks, you may want to update your list so people know it's been sold.

Hello! How much would the Royal Girl Uni and Gelert be to 31204 please? :D

Could I get a quote for the White Aisha plush to 01930?
It's in pretty perfect condition, yes?
Also, would it be at all possible to get it rush delivered for Monday (this Monday, the 11th)? Trying to make it a birthday present, but if not, it'll be fine :)

Wait, shipping prices went up, maybe rush would be out of the price range anyway. So quote for just normal shipping to 01930? Sorry ^^;
Still definitely want it though!

hi! How much would the yellow galert be to ship to australia?

The baby one? Shipping alone is $13 unfortunately. D:

If you're still interested though your total would be $19.89 to tracytheechidna@gmail.com

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