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Magikarp Collection!

Last Updated: 12/27/12


My Karpies! :D My favorites by far are my large custom karp plushies which were made by Fox7XD on Deviantart. Pictures do them no justice. Dx They're so much more amazing IRL!

All my Karp plushies (excluding keychains) have names too. c: From left to right there's Carl (Custom plush), Kanji (Pokedoll), Yip (Shiny Custom), Troy (custom), and Minty (Pokedoll).


My favorites here would have to be my full sets of Karp Charms and my Magikarp Metal figures. c: ..I also forgot to include my Pokemon Time Magikarp strap in the picture. OTL I keep forgetting things..magikarp3

Flats! =o

magikarpcustom glass

And finally, a custom Magikarp wine glass I made myself. c: It's really nice, but I'm afraid to drink from it. xD

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Love your 'karps.
My BK Magikarp was in similar condition. I've just tried some Craft Glue on him (I've been meaning to fix him up for some time), he's looking better already. Maybe look around for some that say they're good on fabrics?

I'll keep that in mind on my next trip to the craft store, thanks. c:

No worries. Good luck. :)

That shirt XDD

haha but anyway, awesome collection! Good luck finding more Karp stuff :3

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