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GRAIL: Magikarp Taiyaki maker. Haven't any idea on the worth, but still looking for a price I can deem fair. Throw some numbers at me.


J Franco Magikarp water toy. Has 4 holes on the bottom.



Small Banpresto Magikarp Plush


Magikarp Notebook



Only really looking for the Magikarp piece



Golden Karp Card sleeves


Pikachu Little Tales plush! I regret not getting the big one when I had the chance. ;w;


Japanese Pokemon Center Christmas Pikachu plush.


Raichu Pokedoll


Pikachu Kettle, Pot, Spoon, and Spatula shown here.

Large Type Focus Bag! Preferred in Grass/Bug.


Christmas Clefairy Doll

Also looking for:

  • TURTWIG MOUSE PAD!! I don't have a picture of this. It was a center release a long time ago. It was released alongside a matching mouse which I have.

  • Metal Magikarp Figures

  • Keshipoke Magikarp

  • Magikarp Zukans. With original bases.

  • Christmas Cyndaquil Plush (Holding present)

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Are you still looking for a japan pokemon center magikarp plush?

By which do you mean the shiny karp plush? If so then yes. But I do have a limit as to what I'd spend on it. =o

No actually a normal magikarp from a japan pokemon center.

Well I would be interested depending on certain details. Right now I'm mostly seeking a MWT Minky Japanese Karp Pokedoll. But I wouldn't be looking at anything over $60 right now either.

Got ya well he only has a tosh tag and isn't quiet mint that and I'd have to have $80 cause that's what I paid for it just let me know if you change your mind.

However he is the one in your picture

I know, however this Wants page is currently quite out of date. Dx I haven't had time to update it. And since making it I've already acquired two Magikarp Pokedolls! So why I thank you for informing me of your karp doll for sale I'm going to have to pass on it. I'm sure you won't have trouble selling it to other members on the comm though!

Lol thanks btw I suck with understanding rules and I feel like Gin is much smarter than me what are the rules with selling and what have you. I've read the rules post I guess I'm just slow lol could you help explain the selling and trading rules to me.

Well the easiest way honestly is to read through the rules and remember them best you can! Anything you're not sure about you can always check back at the rules page or ask a mod. To start selling though you have to have been an active member for a month and have either ten positive feedback (Which you can get at this point by successively buying from members off the community- don't forget to ask them to leave feedback!) OR have posted ten times. From there you have to apply for sellers permission. This link should explain that part best.


It seems like a lot to know and do at first, but it's actually pretty easy once you're all done with it. Of course that's all I can really explain myself as I'm not actually a mod and wouldn't want to accidently misinform you. c= Wish you luck~

thank you it's still helpful

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