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Quote for tepig plush and jessie to us 62223 please (:
How tall is tepig and what plush is he?

Tepig is a jakks plush, and I believe he's NWT. =) Have to check when I get home though. He should be about 5 inches.

Your total with shipping and fees would be $12.72 to tracytheechidna@gmail.com if you're interested. Let me know!

Hey! I was just wondering about the Mystery Grab Bag thingy, does the shipping depend on how much it weighs?
Because the idea sounds interesting, but since I'm in the UK I'd be reluctant to commit to buying one unless I knew what shipping would be like :/

Probably doesn't help that I like the more expensive large one because of the 2 plush huh? Heh X3

I completely understand! The shipping does depend on weight though. D:

If I aim to keep the package weight at about 1 pound, shipping would be around $15. I don't think the combined weight would end up being less than a pound though. But I'd have to wait to get home tomorrow to check for sure. Would that sound somewhere in your price range?

Quote to 45248 for the Lucario gum?

It would be $1.50 to tracytheechidna@gmail.com

And if you do decide to get it, since the gum is no longer edible would you like me to throw it out and just send the lucario wrapper? Or would you rather the whole thing?

The standee, sorry. xD

quote for the $2.50 riolu charm, shipping to 90232?

It'd be $5.36 to tracytheechidna@gmail.com c=

Quote for Piplup pillow plush to Canada?

Shipping kind of expensive because Piplups so big. D: Especially international..

But he'd be $25.03 if you're still interested! To tracytheechidna@gmail.com

Ok so like im new to this so I hope I dont screw up.

I uh want the small shaymin plush.

I live in dallas, texas 76244(zip), how much would it be?

//hope i did this right//

Also when you say an item costs like $15 is that with shipping or without. Im new to this sorry, just curious.

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No worries, you seem to be doing fine. xD You mean the $7 Jakks plush Shaymin right?

The prices listed are without shipping.

If you're still interested, the full price with shipping and fees to 76244 would be $10.60 And you can send payment for it to tracytheechidna@gmail.com c:

Are the two trading figures still available? If so, quote to 22485?

Both Meowth and Treeko are available. :) If you're interested your total would be $9.57 to tracytheechidna@gmail.com

Hey, I was wondering if you'd do a quote for the Jigglypuff spinner to the UK? I understand if not, since it's only a 0.50 purchase! ><
Thanks in advance!

I wouldn't mind shipping it, but you should know that I'm looking at the prices online and shipping alone seems it would be.. $9.50 .-.

Which is dang ridiculous. But I guess the prices went up again. OTL

If you're still interested you can send payment to tracytheechidna@gmail.com for $10 But I totally understand if you want to pass. D:

Is the Prof. Oak shirt still available? xD

(Deleted comment)
Which one? I had three Shaymin plush.

(Deleted comment)
For the grab bags, does the selection come from everything else you are selling, or is it a different inventory that you choose from?

Mostly it's from everything in my sales, yeah.

Sorry, im very new to this site, but i wanted to know if the Custom Sleeping larvitar was still available?
also with the bags you're advertising up the top, do they come with official plush??

Also do you ship to Aus?

Thank you :D

Yes, he's still available! c= And if you mean the mystery bags then yes, they come with official plush~ uwu

I do ship to Australia. But it usually costs a lot of money ;A;

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